Esther Chang’s drawings and oil paintings often depict the spatial-psychological deconstruction and fragmentation of the figure. With a strong focus on craftsmanship, her works take inspiration from Old Masters, yet they challenge the traditional aesthetics of portraiture. 

Her interest lies in the idea of the uncanny and the dissonance created when the familiar is fractured and distorted. Her works call to question— in a contemporary society dominated by a pervasively slick, corporate, and conforming ideal for beauty, can one find beauty in the imperfect and the impermanent? 

These works explore subtle shifts in value and color, the play between the diaphanous and architectonic, and the linear and ethereal qualities in form. Her evocative works create a crackled tension of unknown space and internal dialect on the canvas, blurring the distinction between fiction and quotation.

In 2016-17, she received a full scholarship from the New York Academy of Art for classical intensive study at the NYAA Residency. Her works have been exhibited at galleries in New York, Paris, Boston, Baltimore, and Florence. Esther Chang currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.